Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Comparison of viewpoint of saheb hadaegh & saheb javaher to Exportable orientation of Narrative    Ph.D    hoseini tabatabaey, seyed ali    2009-05-12
2    Forgivable crime in Jurisprudence and law of Iran    M.Sc.    choopani mareci, habib olah    2010-02-22
3    woman and governmental positions according to Imamit’s jurisprudence    M.Sc.    mosavi, bolhasan    2010-11-02
4    Lot in Islamic legal schools and The Law of Iran    M.Sc.    kaffash, habiballa    2011-02-20
5    Study nature and evolution of public funds in the jurisprudence Fryqyn"    M.Sc.    sohrabi, mostafa    2011-06-28
6    SELF-HELP IN THE JURISPRUDENTIAL SCHOOLS OF ISLAM    M.Sc.    ferestadeh senobari, somayeh    2011-11-08
7    :legal and juridical stady on right of specialization (quiddity extensions sentences)    M.Sc.    SISTANI, MAHBOOBE    2011-12-27
8    A Legal Review of Provisions of Qiblah    M.Sc.    samimi, somayeh    2012-07-03
9    A study of the effect of collusional conditions on contracts in Islamic Religeons jurisprudentce    Ph.D    NASIRI AVANAKI, BAKHTIYAR    2012-09-30
10    Mechanism of Discovering of Text Implications from Akhbari Perspective    Ph.D    ,    2012-10-17
11    A comparative study of the Shi'ite and Sunni’s viewpoints concerning the Islamic ruler’s justice    M.Sc.    ehsani, mohammadali    2013-02-05
12    Study of the jurisprudence of legal instances suspended execution on Criminal laws in Afghanistan    Ph.D    Fayaz, Ali Akbar    2013-02-22
13    Authority of knowledge obtained from intellectual premises in viewpoint of radical traditions    M.Sc.    mahmoudi, amir    2013-02-26
14    Study difference opinion between Shahidain at chapters: Marriage, Divorce, Testamentary of bequest and Inheritance (Ahwalat alshakhsiah) with centrality of two books: Allomah and Sharh allomah    M.Sc.    marzani, qanbar    2013-03-12
15    Comparison review of Judicial opinions between shahīdaīn and Sheīkh Tūsī at chapters: crimes, penalties and compensation with centrality of two books Sharḥ allum‘ah and Mabsūṭ    M.Sc.    abbasi, masoud    2013-04-16
16    Study difference opinions of Shahidayn(Shahid Awwal&Shahid Thani) in Fiqh of Worship according to Lomá and Sharh    M.Sc.    eraghi, erfan    2013-05-07
17    Survey controversial opinions between ayatollah moghniyeh and lmamkhomaini at chapters: marriage. Divorce. Testamentary of bequest and inheritance.(ahvalat alshaksiah) with centrality of to books feghol emam shadeg and tahrir alwasilah    M.Sc.    amani, mahdi    2013-05-07
18    A comparative study of jurisprudential viewpoints of Sheikh-e-Toosi and Ibn-e-Edris regarding transactions(trade,rent)    M.Sc.    mahroomi, mohamad ali    2013-05-14
19    Read out the unknown and against the famous jurists judicial decisions of sheykh alsaduq    Ph.D    sadeghi bahmani, sahand    2013-06-10
20    An Islamic Jurisprudence Perspective to Human Resource Management: Assessment, and Compensation/Reward Subsystems    Ph.D    OBEIDAVI, GHASEM    2013-11-24
21    Evidence of criminal jurisprudence of the new Islamic Penal Code And former law    M.Sc.    shamradi, morteza    2013-12-10
22    Assignment of Contract in Imamia Jurisprudence and Iranian Law    Ph.D    sarvari iadaki, mohsen    2014-12-08
23    Text methodology and comparative study of jurisprudential works of Jassas and Fazel Meghdad on Marriage    M.Sc.    Mahmoudiyeh, Taibeh    2014-12-16
24    The Jurisprudence Rule of the Forbiddance of Imitating Disbelievers :Concepts .Criteria .Evidence And Instances    Ph.D    tabatabaei, sayedahmad    2015-10-12
25    The quranic verses about the divorce with an Accommodation between Thoughts of Fazel miqdad and abu-bakr jassas    M.Sc.    fardi, mohammad javad    2015-12-01
26    The Juridical validation of preliminary in conflict with other reasons of claim proving.    Ph.D    mehralitabar, abdollah    2016-02-10
27    New methods incriminating jurisprudence (Amamyh-Hanafiyah)and rights in Afghanistan    Ph.D    resaei, aliahmad    2016-03-02
28    comparative study of the author's views Al-Furqan fi Tafsir al-Qur'an Ayat al-Ahkam Shi'a authors about Salah    M.Sc.    hedayat zadeh, saeed    2016-06-01
29    Legislative Welayat of Imams, Legislative Welayat, Conferment    M.Sc.    sebtalsheikh, seied mohammadreza    2016-07-09
30    An analysis of ibn-shahr ashoub saravi mazandarani s theology opinion on abrogating and abrogated discussions worship-financia    M.Sc.    karbalayi tajdini, saeid    2017-06-13